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IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD (Harry Lachman, 1937)
ADVENTURE IN SAHARA (D Ross Lederman, 1938)
POWER OF THE PRESS (Lew Landers, 1943)

Release date: 25 October 2021
Standard Edition Blu-ray

Journalist, screenwriter, novelist, soldier, filmmaker – Samuel Fuller was one of American cinema’s most prolific and multi-faceted talents. However, the films based on Fuller’s early work as a screenwriter remain under appreciated.

It Happened in Hollywood: Regarded by Fuller as his ‘first real Hollywood credit’, the film has a now-familiar premise: the silent film star who finds they are unable to make the transition to talkies. Blending comedy, romance, action, and a playful self-reflexive streak, the film established Fuller in Hollywood. 

Adventure in Sahara: Fuller takes full story credit on this rip-roaring adventure yarn inspired – he claimed – by Victor Hugo, Beau Geste, and Mutiny on the Bounty.

Power of the Press: Drawing on Fuller’s own experiences as young newspaperman and journalist, this crime drama is a passionate cry for freedom of speech and expression. The film also features Fuller’s first fully formed and vital female heroine in the shape of the impassioned Edwina (Gloria Dickson).


  • High Definition remasters of all three films
  • Original mono audio
  • It Happened in Hollywood (1937, 68 mins): Richard Dix and Fay Wray star as big-screen actors adapting to the coming of sound in this witty exposé of Tinseltown, directed by Harry Lachman from a screenplay co-written by Samuel Fuller
  • Adventure in Sahara (1938, 57 mins): action-packed drama of revenge and honour, starring Paul Kelly and Lorna Gray, directed by D Ross Lederman from a story by Fuller
  • Power of the Press (1943, 64 mins): Lew Landers directs this hard-edged drama about corruption within the newspaper industry, based on a story by Fuller and starring Guy Kibbee, Lee Tracy and Gloria Dickson
  • All-Star Party (2018, 6 mins): who’s who of the ‘stars’ and their impersonators in the climactic party scene from It Happened in Hollywood
  • Sam Fuller’s Search for Truth with Tim Robbins (2009, 7 mins): the celebrated actor explores Fuller’s time as a reporter
  • Image gallery: publicity photography and promotional material for all three films
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

BBFC cert: PG
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